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About Ron Wiseman: Ron Wiseman, known in North America as the ‘King of Jewish Reggae’ has performed in many festivals over the last 10 years, from NXNW to most recently the Boombamela music festival in Ashkelon, Israel. He has recorded CD’s in Israel as well as in Kingston with Jamaican super-star Sugar Minott. Recently he was filmed in the studio in Tel Aviv with Bob Marley’s granddaughter Danisha Prendergast  in her documentary ‘ A Souls Journey’.  Currently Ron is working on an American/Israeli movie about the Kabalah that features Ron and his music.

Dancing on Mount Zion – from ‘A Soul’s Journey’

About Ron Wiseman

Ron Wiseman was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and is the third of four brothers. Ron’s two older brothers Gordon and Howard, were avid and eclectic music listeners and his childhood was richly saturated with the sounds of Blues, R & B, and Rock.

His first major musical influence was at the age of 12, with the sounds of Classic Chicago Blues, and it wasn’t too long after that when he started learning Otis Spann’s classic piano solos. Ron’s first foray into performing was playing in a Winnipeg Blues band called Cherry Red. At home, Ron often jammed on the piano together with his younger brother, Bob, who went on to Blue Rodeo fame.

He eventually left his hometown and moved to Toronto where he went on to play in various bands including The Fabulous Overtones and The Basics. His piano playing matured and he diversifiIsrael Pictures 004ed into playing other musical styles such as Rock-a-Billy, Rock and Roll, Country, and Rhythm and Blues. His musical career took an unexpected turn when one evening, he heard and later met talented musician, Neil Gertler and his band The Customers. When Ron heard Neil’s ‘percolating’ reggae style of guitar playing, he knew it was the beginning of a great new friendship. Over the years they have collaborated together on countless musical projects.

One year, Ron took a vacation to Israel and while traveling in the ancient hills of Judea, Ron received a new inspiration. What resulted from that mystical experience was an amazing new musical sound. Soon thereafter, Ron returned to Canada with his new found inspiration and began composing his music, eventually playing it in clubs.

Ron’s Jamaica-Jerusalem fusion is a unique musical genre’, that is composed of a mixture of reggae, ska, rock and roll, and blues. His lyrics are in essence, inspired by the wisdom of the Torah but seen through the eyes of a musician who has lived and loved and lost a few times. His music is original, fun, and positive and it will make you dance. His lyrics are universal, intelligent, relevant and wise.

Hundreds of concerts later, Ron and his mystical music has created a devoted following of fans that are spread out across the planet, numbering in the thousands. Fans that are from many different backgrounds, religious denominations, and ethnicities. He has shared the stage with soul legend Rufus Thomas, Country star Kinky Friedman, Shlomo Carlebach and recorded with Reggae Super Star Sugar Minott in Kingston Jamaica. Recently he moved to Israel where he is jamming his unique music on Holy Mount Zion.

Musical Notes by Joshua Andrews

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