Biblical Reggae

Biblical Reggae

By Suzanna Wintrob
Lifestyles Magazine – January, 2006


Ron Wiseman

Ron Wiseman insistes he isn’t trying to convert the world through his music. He loves boy-meets-girl songs just as much as anybody, he says, but for some reason whenever he puts pencil to paper and starts writing lyrics, they tend to spill out more as boy-meets-God.

After some years of deliberation, Wiseman thinks he has finally figured out why. It seems he’s a blues musician who has become so caught up in his spiritual surroundings that he can’t help but express this passion every time he takes to the piano or guitar. His life journey has defined the unique groove he likes to call “a Jerusalem-Jamaica fusion,” or “Biblical Reggae,” and it has allowed him to share some of his innermost thoughts with friends and strangers alike.

Mystical Mood, Wiseman’s first full-length CD was released in 2004. Producer Barry Lubotta of Toronto-based Marshmellow Records, who discovered Wiseman when he was playing a Jewish singles event and went on to produce the CD, describes the 13 catchy tunes as “catchy, commercial pop melodies merged with a thinking person’s poetic lyrics.” Most of the songs are based on Wiseman’s real life experiences and the words of Torah he has studied over the last few years.